Trans Fats are going down

The Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A) issued a preliminary ruling that, if passed, will make it much harder for food companies to put trans fats in foods. This is great news for all of those who care about our heart health because trans fat is really nasty stuff, well known to contribute to heart disease. Common places to find trans fats are in grocery store frosting and baked goods, and it also sneaks into foods like some margarines, microwave popcorn, and frozen pizzas. You can spy it on the label by looking for the phrase "partially hydrogenated oil." While companies need to list it on the nutrition facts label, they only have to if it's more than 0.5g per serving, and those small amounts can add up if you have a lot of servings, or a lot of foods with these small amounts in them. I say rock on F.D.A.

For more info check out this article at the New York Times:

Posted on November 11, 2013 .